Refinery Welcomes Julie Butcher to the Role of VP of Consulting

Refinery Leadership is excited to announce that Julie Butcher will be stepping into the role of VP of Consulting.  

Julie has been with Refinery as an external consultant for the past four years, however her journey in the “people industry” started more than 30 years ago. During that time, she has worked in Human Resources, Business Strategy, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. One of her inspirations was a leader that she had very early on in her career – some might call him a “unicorn leader” – and Julie was interested in what made him so successful and how she could help to develop those qualities in other leaders.  

Julie is coming to Refinery after over 12 years of independent consulting and is excited to come in house and work closely with a talented team.  She loves the team at Refinery and how they take their work of leadership development seriously and how they liked to have a lot of fun.  

“A big part of Refinery’s brand, is how they partner with their clients,” says Julie. “They look to see how they can collaborate with their clients, integrate and build off of existing client systems to ensure Refinery’s work makes a difference.” 

Some “cool” facts about Julie 

Everyone has their own “cool factors” and when we sat down with Julie, we wanted to learn some of hers. Here is what we learned: 

  • Julie loves to laugh and find humour and joy all around her.  
  • Julie loves games. She can get a little competitive at times and does not mind-bending a few rules here and there either; although she is also known as a very principled and values-centred person. 
  • Julie has done a lot of travelling in her life and it has helped her to recognize the many advantages that she has living in Canada. She has built some strong relationships in her travels including with a girl she met on a beach in Kenya who has adopted Julie as her mom. 

Julie’s strong work ethics, her love for people and her desire to make a difference in leaders’ lives at work and home make her an ideal choice for VP of Consulting at Refinery.  The team here looks forward to working with her even more closely in the future.